Tablet Weaving

My favorite material is fine silk. Wool is too elastic and hard to handle.

Tablets made of very thin cardboard, about 6x6 cm, are most suitable. They should not be bigger, otherwise you will get troubles if you try to weave patterns with switched tablets (like I mostly do).

More holes does not automatically mean more possibilyties. Bands woven with hexagonal tablets are pretty thick.

In theory you can weave every four-shaft-fabric with square tablets. But with simple half sheds, some thin and thick sticks, with a very basic equipment also, you can easyer weave for example that wonderful South American patterns.

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Natural Dyes

Try to use as much water as possible. All components must freely float in the dye bath. Do not use to much mordant, it may be dangerous for the environment (and for the wool also). Never throw the hot wool in cold water, it takes it ill.

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Pick Up Double Weave

I pick up the patterns behind the beater, at the side I sit. To pick up the threads i use two thin but stiff metal rods, one to hold the pattern threads, the other to hold the counter shed down.

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